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Amanhã é Carnaval

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Surya Amitrano

Surya Amitrano

Assista agora

"Ainda bem, ainda há tempo. Ainda bem, ainda cresço.

Ainda bem que te vejo em mim."


"One of the most versatile singers of the current generation of Brazilian music, Surya takes flight with 'Asas' (Wings), exploring new horizons in her work. Surya fearlessly sings about love, without hesitating to delve into the depths of her experiences. She intrinsically reflects on the authenticity of her own delight."

By Lucas Cabaña (Musica é o Canal - Portal Banda B)

"The young artist from Curitiba, Surya, is a multifaceted talent who excels in various fields: writer, performer, actress, and singer, with several awards in composition at festivals. After receiving great reception with the EP 'Moletom' in 2018, she strikes again with 'Amor, I' Amour, Love' (Volume I and II). Two albums ambitiously released together! The first album is sung in Portuguese, where the dominance of Brazilian popular music is evident, with a focus on traditional samba and beautiful arrangements featuring wind instruments and percussion. The second album, in English (with some phrases in French), showcases arrangements inspired by jazz, blues, and international pop references. [...] The album impresses with its musical maturity, and the production by Eduardo Kuritza and Gabriel Carvalho is impeccable. There is a lot of vocal consistency (a beautiful alternation between gentleness and intensity), poetic lyrics, and well-crafted arrangements and compositions! Surya enters this decade as one of the main new artistic references in the country!"

By Cult Magazine
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